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» How do I contact/get registered with Tranz-Com ?

It is very simple, please click the "Register" icon in the "Home Page" and fill in the required details or just e-mail us your requirements/enquires at We will get back to you within 24 hours.

» What is the timeframe required by Tranz-Com to commence work ?

Tranz-Com will virtually guide you on the usage of their technology to send voice files and to receive completed transcripts within 24 hours of your registration.

» What is the pricing that Tranz-Com offers ?

We promise you a minimum reduction of 25% on your current transcription cost. We bill on per line basis which consists of 65 characters with spacing. We also have different pricing for various TAT requirements.

» How soon can I get my transcripts back ?

We can deliver error-free transcripts based on the requirement of the customer. We can even deliver the transcripts back in less than an hour's timeframe.

» Is there any upfront registration or technology cost involved ?

Definitely no. There is no registration cost and we offer our technology and support completely free of cost to our customers. We also provide suitable templates without any charges based on the requirement of the customer.

» Is Tranz-Com HIPAA Compliant ?

Yes. We follow 100% HIPAA compliance and the transcripts are encrypted during transition. Our workflow platform is secured by stringent network security.

» Can I access my patient records from anywhere ?

Definitely yes, you can access and download your patient records from anywhere you want, even if you are traveling. All you need is access to a computer with net connectivity. You will have a unique User Name and Password through which you can login to our website and view or download the required document. Only you will have access to your patient records.

» What is the duration for which the patient records are saved on Tranz-Com's server ?

We generally keep the transcripts for a period of one month. However if you want us to extend or minimize the period, we will be happy to do so.

» Do I get 24 / 7 customer support ?

Yes, you will have access to one of our floor managers through e-mail or through phone wherein your queries are immediately answered.

» Does Tranz-Com work with other MTSOs ?

Yes, we are open to work as partners for other major MTSOs.